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Go Digital Promotions website design is where functionality meets creativity, where we develop modern, responsive, business-centric websites that not only look appealing to your audiences but also direct them to take action. You can check out some of our web design projects below:- Web design portfolio South Africa.

A mobile club and Radio Dj with 10 years Dj experience, a former Amplified Friday’s on Radio Atlantis Resident Dj. Also Featured on Goodhope Fm Doctors In The House.

A bespoke labour law and employee relations company that prides itself in providing specialist consultancy, training and litigation services to corporate employers nationally.

A collective of skilled freelancers who live to help small to medium enterprises unburden their workload and assist their digital marketing efforts. 

GMD plumbers strive to offer an affordable yet professional plumbing service with over 10 years experience in domestic and industrial plumbing.

A scalp and hair care specialist business that believes that true beauty is only attained from the inside out. Bringing innovative hair care products and scientific solutions to all your scalp and hair care needs.

Treating all disorders and diagnoses related to the vast scope of a Speech Therapist’s practice, as well as the challenges that often accompany these disorders.

Prepares nutritious, portion-controlled meals for busy people looking to achieve their body goals under strict hygienic conditions. 

A small home-based, eco-friendly business that’s on a mission to reduce the amount of plastic waste in our home and hopefully encourage more people to take care of the environment.

A Youth Development Foundation that has participated in various community work namely feeding drives at orphanages and for underprivileged communities, blanket drives, clothing drives and much more.

Procedure for Building a Perfect Website Layout.

Web design portfolio South Africa!

After choosing one or a combination of web design tools that will help you design your website, you go to the actual process of developing a perfect website for your business. It is worth noting that there are proven steps and procedures for building perfect websites that will contribute to wooing traffic your way during the transaction of business. 

As already noted before, attractive websites are highly likely to woo more visitors as compared to less attractive sites. It is thus imperative to make your website as impressive as possible to achieve the desired goals of your business.

Here is a comprehensive procedure for developing a perfect website for your business. A website is the first contact point between a consumer and your business online.

This is because it’s through a website that the customer gets to ascertain the products on offer with their specifications. As a result, a website acts as a web storefront that must be designed within the most engaging way to draw in potential customers.

It should be noted that there are a variety of strategies and tools that one can use to create his or her responsive website that’s most engaging and admirable for potential clients.

However, before embarking on the strategies and tools for developing a good website for your business, it is important to have an overview of the proven tips for developing a good modern website. Web Design Portfolio – Go Digital Promotions.

a) Put your idea of the website you want on paper

This might seem too obvious. Nonetheless, many designers have jumped straight to Photoshop in the past before they can give any thought of the idea they would like to actualize. It should be noted that design goes hand in hand with solving related problems.

Such problems can only be solved through proper layouts that can only be achieved if sketched first on paper before the actual designing commences.

b) Sketch your top-level framework

This is where all the navigational problems should be fixed. The top-level framework can be described as the UI that surrounds the content of your website and that assist in the navigation process of the website. 

This is meant to include navigational tools like bottom bars and sidebars. If your design is approached from this perspective, you will have an understanding of what the layout of your website needs to be.

c) Add a preferable grid to your website

This may sound simple but your website needs to come out attractive and competitive. A proper grid will assist you in structuring the layout of different sections of your website.

Additionally, coming up with a proper grid helps identify the screen sizes required for every page of your website. As a result, creating grids will make your templates responsive and consistent when it comes to spacing and any other issues related to design of a website.

d) Make a selection of topography

When undertaking a project of designing a website, it is imperative to explore different colors and typefaces. This is part of the discovery of the project and must, therefore, be taken very seriously. It is recommended to use at most two typefaces for a website.

This is a measure meant to control the overuse of typefaces that might end up killing the whole idea of a perfect website for your business.

During this step, you are advised to choose the most appropriate font for your website. It is noteworthy that the type and size of your fonts depend on your target audience.

This also depends on the type of products intended to be promoted by the website under design. However, never shun from using large fonts.

On most occasions, large fronts have been described as easily visible and hence visitors to your site will never struggle to read your content if you use large fonts to develop your website.

Internet gurus have always advised that videos, audios and graphics should be attached on websites only if they enhance the message being passed across. If videos or audios are not used to pass an intended message on a website, they become obsolete and therefore make the website lose taste and direction.

Additionally, unwarranted videos, audios and graphics on websites make websites look ambiguous and indistinct. Therefore, one must avoid unnecessary videos, audios and graphics on their websites. 

Nonetheless, it should be noted that when these tools are used to communicate the intended message, they kill the monotony of written messages.

e) Divide the layout accordingly

It is important to note that every section or segment of your website ought to tell a unique story. According to experts in this field, layouts of websites ought to be simple to ease navigation.

This is also important in helping visitors easily identify their desired information from the websites. You should, therefore, design your layouts to tell stories from the most important to the least.

f) Pay close attention to the fine details

This is perhaps the most commonly used statement in website design and development. The final product depends on how meticulous you were while designing your website.

As already noted, business websites must be appealing to users. It is only through this that traffic will be drawn towards a particular website.

Every business attempts to make its website the most attractive amongst the competition. Thereof, to have a competitive edge over competitors in the same business niche, you must pay close attention to the fine details while developing your website.

By this, you will be able to identify loopholes in the website and work on them accordingly. Web Design Portfolio – Go Digital Promotions!

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